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Social Trading as additional income for traders

Experienced traders are well acquainted with the markets. They use trading strategies for navigating international financial markets successfully! So why not utilise these skills for earning an additional income and publishing trading signals on a social trading platform?

Social Trading as additional income for traders

What is Social Trading?

Being successful together is a guiding principle that fittingly describes the basic principle of Social Trading. Social Trading is based on exchanging experiences and a mutual network makes this possible. Signal providers (Top Traders) and signal takers (Followers) converge as part of an online community. Traders publish their trading strategies, which are fully accessible and investable for Followers at the same time. The resulting transparency and extensive knowledge base makes Social Trading a very special form of investment.

In this way, traders participate not only in their own success, but also profit from Followers who can easily transfer the trading strategies onto their own accounts. Experienced traders have the opportunity to earn additional remuneration for publishing their trading signals parallel to their trading performance - from the very first Follower on. Both a sustainable trading approach and growing follower capital create corresponding opportunities for an attractive additional income.

How Social Trading works at ayondo

Traders start their trading after first registering on ayondo. They have the choice between opening a real money account with all functionalities including numerous charts and indicators or a virtual trading account, in order to get to know everything and to familiarise themselves with the tasks and responsibilities as a Top Trader and the Social Trading concept. From placing the first trade the trading strategies are made publically visible. Every ayondo Top Trader has a detailed trading profile page that can include a brief description of the trading strategy at hand. The profile offers Followers the scope to assess trading styles which are based on a large range of key trading metrics and statistics.

The specially designed trading career by ayondo opens up opportunities for traders to successively increase their remuneration. If traders master the increasing requirements, they’ll receive a higher share of remuneration. This incentive is intended to provide long-term motivation and at the same time serves as an indication of the quality of their trading strategy for potential Followers.

Social Trading at ayondo is open to everyone: Whether as a full-time trader or by sitting on the sidelines. Even professional asset managers like to use Social Trading because the worldwide user-base offers a cost-efficient opportunity to expand their own clientele.

The structure of the remuneration models at ayondo are innovative and diversely organised in order to offer suitable solutions. This makes providing a trading strategy interesting for everyone. From day traders using high frequency and short holding periods, as well as investors with longer-term orientations, everyone can build a lucrative source of income from publishing trading signals as Top Traders.

Further information on Top Traders at ayondo can be found here. 


This information should not be interpreted as investment advice or any recommendation.

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