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Our Level 5 newcomers: Dowinvest and Sanvi

In the ayondo trading career, ayondo Top Traders prove their skills in sustainability and risk management over a total of five career stages. We’ve taken a closer look at the Top Traders who’ve reached the highest level in March and summarise the most important key figures for you.

Our Level 5 newcomers: Dowinvest and Sanvi

DOWINVEST PROFILEDowinvest has already proved himself on the ayondo platform since March 2018 and currently has over 58 Followers who automatically transfer his trading signals onto their own trading accounts. Dowinvest has been trading as a Real Money Trader from the start and has achieved a performance of 12.24% (with a maximum drawdown of 10.02%), of which 5.61% is attributable to 2018 alone. This year, Dowinvest has made a successful start achieving a performance of 8.07% within the first months. Dowinvest also has an impressively low volatility of only 2.26%.

With a relatively low trading frequency, Dowinvest opted for the performance-based remuneration model. He is therefore only remunerated if he reaches individual highs on his subscribed Followers accounts. In addition, performance-based traders receive a percentage of the management fee of 1% p.a. payable daily by Followers.

As the name suggests, the trader invests exclusively in the U.S. stock index and trades with a lower risk and a score of just 1.




SANVI PROFILESanvi has been registered with ayondo since spring 2017, but has only been active regularly since the end of January 2018. After a difficult phase in February 2018, Sanvi was able to prove his skills as a trader. As a Real Money Trader since registration, he’s achieved a performance of 12.01%. Sanvi is remunerated through the volume-based model, meaning he receives a percentage of the gross spread income generated by the Followers trading volume.

The markets traded are a varied mix, with a focus on the benchmark German DAX. In addition, other indices (U.S. American and Spanish) as well as Brent Oil and Spanish equities were traded in the past.

With a risk score of 1, he is also one of those traders who tends to trade with lower risk. In his profile he describes his trading strategy as follows:

“Correlation signals strategy looking for consistent performance under any market conditions but always keeping very low value at risk so low volatility P&L.”

In line with his trading strategy, Sanvi has a low volatility of 2.48%.




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Status key figures: 22.03.2019

The performance represented is historical; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested. This information should not be interpreted as investment advice or any recommendation.

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