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Our Level 5 newcomers: BIGMONEYTRADER and DieDatenbankDE

Top Traders need at least 360 days to reach the highest level of the ayondo trading career. Not only is sustainable trading required, but also the fulfilling of certain requirements.

Our Level 5 newcomers: BIGMONEYTRADER and DieDatenbankDE

We are pleased about the recent ascent of the trading profiles "BIGMONEYTRADER" and "DieDatenbankDE" up to the fifth and highest level and take a brief look at the trading strategies.



BIGMONEYTRADER has been active as a signal provider at ayondo since 2016. After a lengthy pause in 2017/18, he has been active again since October 2018 and after two successful years (2017 performance: 10.58%; 2016 performance: 12.76%) was able to achieve a performance of 24.17% last year in just three months. Overall, BIGMONEYTRADER achieved a 39.73% performance in three years of Social Trading with a maximum drawdown of 19.74%.

So far and in addition to CFDs on indices such as the DAX, Dow Jones, NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500, commodity CFDs such as Oil, Gold also the EUR/USD forex pair have been traded. With a risk score of just 3 this strategy trades with lower risk.







Since the beginning of 2016, "DieDatenbankDE" has been one of ayondo's Top Traders. With a total overall performance of 28.67% and a drawdown of 13.76%, the Real Money Trader profile has convinced 49 Followers to automatically follow his trading signals on their own trading accounts.

He describes his trading strategy as follows:

 “DieDatenbankDE” is an automated investment approach. The foundation of which is based on a pool of stocks stemming mostly from the DAX 30. “DieDatenbankDE” identifies the stocks with the greatest potential. [..] “DieDatenbankDE” has been developed and improved by our team (Patternicus) over several years. In principle, "Die DatenbankDE" is a long-only investment approach. In certain market conditions however, it’s sensible to hedge positions with a short CFD. The investment horizon goal is long-term.”

"DieDatenbankDE" trades with the lowest risk score of 1.



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Status key metrics: 30.04.2019

The performance represented is historical; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested. This information should not be interpreted as investment advice or any recommendation.