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What ayondo Client Services Can Do For You

Learn more about the ayondo Client Services team and the most commonly asked questions about ayondo

What ayondo Client Services Can Do For You

“Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude!” – Unknown

Learning a new platform – as well as how to trade – can be difficult, particularly in the beginning. While there are extensive resources provided on ayondo’s website and via webinars, questions sometimes arise that require personal support. ayondo’s Client Services team provides quality answers to your trading questions.

What is Client Services There For?

ayondo’s Client Services team helps clients learn about ayondo products and features and the concept of Social Trading. Our team also offers personal support for questions.

ayondo provides two platforms that include intuitive designs for trading. These platforms are:

  • WeTrade: Find traders, create a portfolio, and execute signals on your own account.
  • TradeHub®: Award-winning platform for trading your own strategies – includes intuitive functionality and excellent charts and tools.

Our Client Services team is there to offer support for understanding these platforms and using the charts and tools. In addition, our team would be happy to assist with risk management practices, helping you understand the risks associated with trading so that you can make the most of your trading experience.

Client satisfaction is the top priority for the Client Services team with the aim to create the best possible trading environment for clients.

Did you know?

  • ayondo has over 10 dedicated Client Services members
  • The team answers around 135 questions per day
  • Client Services is located in 3 different offices
  • Support offered in 4 different languages
  • Available via phone or email

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Our Client Services team receives numerous calls and emails per day with questions about ayondo, its products and platforms. Common questions include the following:

  • Q: How does Social Trading work?
  • A: Social Trading is based on exchanging experiences and a mutual network makes this possible. Top Traders and Followers converge as part of an online community. Traders publish their trading strategies, which are fully accessible to Followers and, at the same time, investable.
  • Q: What is the minimum investment amount?
  • A: You can open a live account with € 2,000. With this account size, you can proportionally follow the trades of up to five Top Traders on your account.
  • Q: Do you offer a demo account?
  • A: Yes, with our demo accounts for Social Trading and CFD trading you have the opportunity to test our platforms and your trading strategies. As soon as you feel ready, you can easily convert a demo account into a live account. You can register for a demo here: Social Trading or CFD Trading.
  • Q: I forgot my password.
  • A: You can retrieve your password by going to the WeTrade, TradeHub® or Demo login page. Select ‘Forgot Password’ and then follow the instructions.
  • Q: Is there a negative balance obligation?
  • A: No. In 2015, we introduced Negative Balance Protection for all ayondo branded clients. In the event your losses exceed your account balance, we will not seek to recover those losses from you.
  • Q: Which methods are available to deposit/fund my account?
  • A: Make withdrawals or deposits securely on our trading platforms. Fund your account quickly and reliably by credit card, Skrill or bank transfer. You can make withdrawals at any time.

The Client Services team provides quality assistance for these and other types of questions. Additional questions/answers can be found on our FAQ page.


Michael Hunter, Client Services Manager, discusses ayondo and how Client Services can help you with your trading needs. 

Contact Us

Our phone lines are open for customer service related queries between 07:00 and 18:00 (UK time), Monday to Friday:

  • Social Trading Support: +44 (0)20 3330 0865
  • TradeHub Support: +44 (0)20 3326 2131

Outside of business hours, please send an email to support@ayondo.com – your query will then be processed on the next working day. Please note that our online trading service is available 24 hours a day between 2200h on Sunday night and 2215h* (UK time) on Friday night.

*Trading may be unavailable up to 1 minute before we close at 2215h on Friday night.


The above-mentioned market views and content reflect only the opinion of the author, not that of ayondo. This service is for informational purposes only and does not constitute advice or investment advice.