The Trading Week: March 31st – 4th April, 2014. What our Top Traders can expect.

blog bild_04112013 As the month of March draws to an end there are still some important economic data releases. Starting with the Euro Zone Consumer Price Index (year) which fell 0.2 percentage points to 0.5%. During Monday the monthly GDP forecast for Canada is published with experts expecting an increase by 0.9 percentage points. Following that are speeches given by Janet Yellen (Fed) and Governor Carney (Bank of England).

Tuesday: The Chinese ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI and HSBC PMI are published. Here there are no expected changes to the previous month. No new changes expected either for the Australian interest rate @2.5%. The Royal Bank of Australia will of course still be commenting on its decision. Over in Germany the figures for the PMI will also be published on Tuesday. Experts estimate no change according to the index level of 53.8 last month.

Since it’s the end of the month and all the major economies are publishing their Purchasing Managers Index’s, the United States naturally will be the most keenly awaited. While the other economies will post hardly any change, the U.S. PMI is likely to rise by 0.6 percentage points. Australia: Should expectations be confirmed, then a slump of 0.8 percentage points is expected in their Retail Sales.

Recent figures show that the Canadian labour market picking up again. At the same time forecasts from the U.S. show a new unemployment rate of 6.6%. finally, with high anticipation the ECB’s interest Rate decision is coming on Thursday.  Although experts speculate how long the interest rate will remain below the low of 0.25%, no change is predicted this time round either.

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