Flexible 24 hour trading – Around the clock or when the Stock Exchange is open!

The attentive traders among you have probably already discovered our new products that recently went live. These 4 new CFD products: Germany 30, EU 50, France 40 and the UK 100 are rolling products meaning they are do not have expiring contacts. To provide traders with various investment opportunities, from now on they can choose from two CFD versions of these indices. The main session indices are tradable only at certain times during market hours. In contrast to the old indices which are tradable over 24 hours.

There are several small changes to the older CFDs. The names have been changed to ensure a clear distinction. Furthermore the Rolling CFD products are tradable 24 hours. The price quotation is indicatively priced outside of normal trading hours and the spread widened to allow traders round the clock trading.

The differing products can now be distinguished as shown in the list below:

Product Name:                                                Trading Times in CET

Germany 30 Rolling (main session)           Mo. 8:00 to Fr. 22:00
EU 50 Rolling (main session)                      Mo. 8:00 to Fr. 22:00
France 40 Rolling (main session)               Mo. 8:00 to Fr. 22:00
UK 100 Rolling (main session)                    Mo. 9:00 to Fr. 22:00

Germany 30 Rolling (24h)                             Mo. 00:00 to Fr. 23:15
EU 50 Rolling (24h)                                        Mo. 00:00 to Fr. 23:15
France 40 Rolling (24h)                                 Mo. 00:00 to Fr. 23:15
UK 100 Rolling (24h)                                      Mo. 00:00 to Fr. 23:15

The new Main Session indices are tradable only during the corresponding stock Exchange’s trading hours.

24Hr indices are tradable around the clock.

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